Drunken Choir
Top of the Hill

Drinking some beers, about to go play some songs at Top of the Hill Bar and Grill. Should be fun…surprisingly excited…haven’t done this in a while.

Breaking Bad

Traci Shannon! That’s not just a firsty, firsty. It’s also a girly girly. A girly girly, firsty firsty.
Puddle Cruiser
Live every week like it’s Shark Week.
Tracy giving advice to Kenneth

This is why old people should not be allowed to drive anywhere but country kitchen. The guy that got out of this car had to be at least 80 years old. He looked like he barely knew where he was, it was actually kind of sad.

If Bono and Chris Martin are both at glastonbury…who is looking after africa?
Gotta cancel today’s “How to win a Knife-Fight” class. Too many cops near the playground.

This video has been all over the internet, but I first found it via the Tosh.O blog.

This apology was a mistake. He might as well have cut off his balls and handed them to Kevin Rogers (the guy that walked out because he was offended). To quote from his own mouth directly “if you want to see the clean Tracy, turn on the TV.” Being offended by a stand-up comedian is like getting angry at a bartender for serving you drinks…other wise known as doing their job. The best defense so far has come from Louis CK…I completely agree with him. “It’s a dumb thing to take at face value. You’d have to be a moron. And if you do, you are not allowed to laugh at any more jokes. You are not allowed to laugh at any jokes that have any violence or negative feelings attached to them, ironically or otherwise. I think there’s a lot of hypocrisy in that. If anybody thinks that what he said is true and there’s no comedy in it, don’t come to my shows. I’ve said to many audiences that I think you shouldn’t rape someone unless you have a good reason, like you want to fuck them and they won’t let you. That’s worse than what he said! And I didn’t wink and say, just kidding. I just said it.”

good morning lemmings

good morning lemmings